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Dominique Zeliszewski dominique.zeliszewski at issb.genopole.fr
Tue May 5 06:16:50 PDT 2015

Dear colleague,


We are looking for a very good candidate for a funded PhD in our team. Could you please be kind to forward the following information to any potential candidate whom you consider suitable for a PhD position?

Many thanks and best wishes,

C. Gasse


Identification and production of functional  xenonucleic acids

An early-stage researcher position is offered for 3-year structured PhD project with a funding for 2.5 years. The institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology (Genopole campus, Evry, Paris region, www.issb.genopole.fr ) has an immediate opening in the Xenome team which ultimate aim is to design and engineer novel cellular components to elaborate safe GMOs. In the multidisciplinary and international collaborative research context of the team (chemistry, molecular biology, microbiology), the successful candidate will focus more precisely on the identification of chemically modified nucleic acids using an in vitro evolution approach in order to implement it in vivo.

Excellent applicants with degrees and/or expertise in biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology, microbiology are invited to apply as soon as possible by e-mail to Cécile Gasse cecile.gasse at issb.genopole.fr

Applications should include a letter of motivation, curriculum vitae, one or two letters of recommendation, copies of relevant degrees (BSc/MSc). Notably, at the date of recruitment, applicants must be in the first four years of their career and not have a doctoral degree. They can be a national of any country.


Cécile Gasse, PhD
institut de Biologie Systémique et Synthétique
Equipe Xénome
Génopole Campus 1, Bâtiment Genavenir 6
5 rue Henri Desbruères
91030 EVRY Cedex
Tél : 01 69 47 53 85
Fax: 01 69 47 44 37
Cecile.Gasse at issb.genopole.fr

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