[Synthetic Biology] 7th International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation: Early Registration - Deadline June 1, 2015

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This is a reminder that the early registration period for the 7th IWBDA
ends on *Monday, June 1, 2015. *

*Early Registration Fees (in USD):*

Student: $200.00
Faculty/Non-Profit: $300.00
General: $500

*Rates will increase by $100 for each level starting on June 2, 2015.*

*Register today here <http://www.iwbdaconf.org/2015/#reg>!*

Information about the workshop:

*7th International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation*Seattle, August 20-21,

The Seventh International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation (IWBDA) will
bring together researchers from the synthetic biology, systems biology, and
design automation communities to discuss concepts, methodologies and
software tools for the computational analysis and synthesis of biological

The field of synthetic biology, still in its early stages, has largely been
driven by experimental expertise, and much of its success can be attributed
to the skill of the researchers in specific domains of biology. There has
been a concerted effort to assemble repositories of
standardized components; however, creating and integrating synthetic
components remains an ad hoc process. Inspired by these challenges, the
field has seen a proliferation of efforts to create computer-aided design
tools addressing synthetic biology's specific design needs, many drawing on
prior expertise from the electronic design automation (EDA) community.

The IWBDA offers a forum for cross-disciplinary discussion, with the aim of
seeding and fostering collaboration between the biological and the design
automation research communities.

*Keynote Speakers:** Professor Eric Klavins (University of Washington)
* Professor Miriah Meyer (University of Utah)

Topics of interest include:
* Design methodologies for synthetic biology.
* Standardization of biological components.
* Automated assembly techniques.
* Computer-aided modeling and abstraction techniques.
* Engineering methods inspired by biology.
* Domain specific languages for synthetic biology.
* Data exchange standards and models for synthetic biology.

Awards for Best Poster and Presentation will be presented at the workshop.

Please feel free to contact the organizers with questions at:
iwbda-exec at lists.bio-design-automation.org

IWBDA is organized by the non-profit Bio-Design Automation Consortium
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