[Synthetic Biology] ICSB 2015, 23-26 November in Singapore - Organizers: Matteo Barberis and Hiroaki Kitano

Matteo Barberis M.Barberis at uva.nl
Wed Jun 10 08:36:06 PDT 2015

Dear colleague,

On behalf of the International Society for Systems Biology (ISSB), the 
Agency for Science, Technology and Research Singapore (A*STAR), the 
Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), the Institute for Infocomm Research 
(I2R) and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), it is our great 
honor to invite you to join the 16th International Conference on Systems 
Biology (ICSB 2015).

This year, the event had been postponed to *November 23-26, 2015* in 
*Singapore*. The main conference will be held on 23-24 November at 
Biopolis (Matrix Building), whereas the tutorial/workshops/satellite 
meetings will be held on 25-26 November at Fusionopolis.

As the organizers of the ICSB 2015, we sincerely hope that all of you 
can join us in Singapore for what will definitely become a memorable 

Scientists at the major Institutions in Singapore (A-STAR, ACRC, I2R, 
GIS) will help the ICSB 2015 with the organization. Furthermore, keynote 
and plenary speakers have been confirmed.
A systems for registration and abstract submission as well as a 
preliminary draft of the program will be available in the next weeks.

You will find all information about the ICSB 2015 in Singapore at the 
following website:

The website will be updated regularly, and you will be also notified as 
soon as registration and abstract submission systems will be activated.
If you encounter troubles in visualizing the correct webpages, please 
consider that you must have a proxy server whose cache needs to be 

We would like to thank you very much in advance for your consideration, 
and we are looking forward to welcoming you in Singapore in November!

With kind regards,

Matteo Barberis and Hiroaki Kitano

Matteo Barberis
Executive Director, International Society of Systems Biology

Hiroaki Kitano
President, International Society of Systems Biology


Dr. Matteo Barberis, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Synthetic Systems Biology

Executive Director of the International Society of Systems Biology (ISSB)

Associate Editor of Frontiers in Physiology, Systems Biology

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